April 17, 2010

Today was an interesting one. I, a lowly intern, was invited to the a barbeque/first screening of the first two completed episodes of the new Kratt show!

Yes, it was excellent. Yes, I ate too much.

As a vegetarian, I find that barbeques are almost always awkward. This usually comes from the fact that everyone is like MEAT MEAT SOME MORE MEAT all the time at them. That’s only natural, as it’s why barbeques came to be in the first place. No one can deny the fact that fire and slabs of meat bring people together.

That said, with the ever changing sands of culture, vegetarianism is more and more common these days, so this particular barbeque was relatively well catered. There were veggie platters, a fruit tray, and the ever contentious veggie burger.

Ah, the veggie burger. Small, unassuming, and for some people, impossible to cook.

Most vegetarians know a veggie burger takes five or six minutes to cook thoroughly. Most meat-atarians seem to think it’s closer to twenty. This train of thought makes sense, as meat takes a long time to cook through, but the difference between a veggie burger and a regular burger is the veggie burger won’t give you salmonella if it’s undercooked.

So, at this barbeque, it took me quite a while to get my burger. There was a lot of standing around, waiting. I am a pretty patient person, and I appreciate people not wanting to give me salmonella, but I also appreciate eating immediately. Did I mention it was raining? Cause it was. I stood out in the rain for ten When I finally got my burger, i sat down, thinking it’d be charred and terrible.

However, it was god damn perfect. Swear to god it was the best burger I’d ever eaten, which is usually hard to guage, as all veggie burgers taste the same.

So, kudos to you, anonymous burger-cook. Perhaps 20 minutes was worth the wait.


One comment

  1. Hi Emily:

    Love the veggie burger post but you have to be careful about punctuation and little oopsies (e.g. i don’t eat meat kinda thang) if you’re advertising yourself as a writer.


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